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Connection Call

If you are ready to go deeper, do things differently and up-level your life, book your complimentary Connection Call here and we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

Discovery Assessment & NeuroBreakthrough Package - 3.5 hours

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Gain clarity on why you keep repeating the same old patterns. Permanently heal a core trauma and create a new positive fast-acting permanent response.

What is a NeuroBreakthrough Session?

Experience permanent release from deep emotional wounds and outdated programming that keeps playing out in your life.

When you heal your core emotional traumas you are free to step into that positive vibrant version of YOU.

Stop Sabotaging your Success and bring Fulfilment, Freedom and Flow into your life.

Transformational Programmes

SoulAligned for Success

Phobia 2 FREEDOM: 4 weeks

This 4 week transformative package includes the Phobia2Freedom Assessment; NeuroBreakthrough Sessions and a Follow Up Consultation.

Ignite your Speaking Superpower: 4 weeks

Unlock your Emotions

Rewire Outdated Programming

Release Physical Blocks (eg shaking, raised heart rate, hot flushes, stomach clenching anxiety)

Unleash your Courageous Voice

Amplify Unshakeable Confidence

Smash Imposter Syndrome! 4 weeks

Rewire Outdated 'not good enough' Programming

Release old stories/ limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

Amplify Unshakeable Self-Belief

Unleash your Empowered Self

Take this FREE Quiz to discover your Imposter Saboteur and gain 3 Actionable Steps to Break Free.