Client Testimonials

Lenata two weeks after BWRT therapy:

"I am so delighted to have had the opportunity to have these BWRT sessions with Claire. I have had a severe phobia of spiders for over 25 years (twice I’ve been forced out of my own house because of them). Claire is so knowledgeable and made me feel so calm and relaxed. I felt quite calm and light after the sessions and since then I have been able to confidently remove not 1 but 2 spiders from my house.

I am so happy that I am in control of this phobia. I would highly recommend anyone considering to give it a try. Happy customer"

- Lenata King, 2020

Lenata six weeks after BWRT therapy:

"It's literally transformed my life"

Imposter Syndrome

“I came to Claire for BWRT because for much of my life I have struggled with feelings of imposter syndrome and not feeling good enough. I’ve had a lot of psychotherapy over many years and other methods (eg, CBT, reframing thinking, tapping) which have helped me to a degree, but this fear was still there, preventing me from reaching what I know is my potential. I reached out to Claire as I was hopeful BWRT could rewire this thinking pattern. Working with Claire was great, I felt instantly at ease, she is very warm and has a lot of empathy. Immediately after my session I found it difficult to think the same old thoughts around “not feeling good enough” so I am very pleased! So much that I have come to Claire for further work around rewiring other old negative beliefs, I would definitely recommend Claire and BWRT.” Sara, Entrepreneur - London

Self Sabotage

"I honestly felt a lot of shame and sadness about my trigger... it felt very painful. After the session I felt excited! Exactly like my desired feeling. The issue that I came with is gone! Like magic really. This trigger was occurring 5+ times a day and now I'm feeling excited and uplifted instead. The impact this has on my mental and emotional wellbeing has been amazing! I feel like a new woman and that I will be able to expand due to this being changed. I can't thank you enough Claire! It's been feelings have transformed and I'm so grateful!" Kathy Bell

Public Speaking/ Giving Presentations

"I had been suffering from a lifelong phobia of public speaking. The symptoms of nervousness would appear days before as a general feeling of dread, but then would develop into more physical symptoms, such as shaking, sweating, stammering, hot flushes and dramatically increased heart rate. [After the session with Claire] I was up for another presentation at work… I was shocked to notice that my pulse did not increase and where I would have normally been shaking, I just felt a dull sensation in place of the usual symptoms. I was able to get off to a flying start and felt quietly confident that I could express myself and my knowledge, doing justice to the design."

Lucy Record

Public Speaking/ FB Lives

"I could feel emotion held in my throat. The sensation felt like I was not fully expressing myself the way I wanted to. Claire was able to target the sensation to help release this stuck energy. I felt really good after the session. I really did feel something had shifted. Rewiring the way we feel about an experience is really powerful. I understand that the physical sensations in my body can be transmuted and they do not need to stop you from doing what it is you are meant to do in this world. I would highly recommend working with Claire. As a coach it is important we seek support from others to help us on this journey in making a positive impact in the world."

Lorna MacPhail

Public Speaking / FB Lives

"I had sessions with Claire to help me deal with my fear and anxiety. My anxiety was holding me back in my business and I was really fed up with it. After my two sessions of BWRT, I felt much calmer. My stomach felt still which it hadn’t felt for a long time! Today in my business, I'm reaching out and speaking to people! Thank you Claire!" L.H - Coach

Public Speaking / Chairing Meetings

"I am glad to take this chance to speak about how Claire helped me using BWRT. I had a specific issue that was holding me back at work. Claire was able to go deeply into the problem by using her listening skills. I was sceptical beforehand but went in with an open mind. The session was demanding, but in a good way, like physical exercise. We evaluated the outcome by exploring how I felt before and after in relation to the problem, and I can say that it gave me a great deal of help. Since the treatment I have felt more confident to take control of group meetings, which I think will be a permanent change in my mindset. Thank you so much Claire." CM - CEO

Anxiety Issues

"I’ve only had a few sessions with Claire and already she has helped me feel calmer and less volatile thinking about my past. Claire is amazing! If you have any problems with anxiety or wish you had more assertiveness she deals with your issues and makes them disappear. Thinking about times I’ve felt scared or upset, I am now able to think clearly, rationally and calmly. I’m not flying off the handle about silly things. I’m being responsible and reacting differently. It’s like a huge and heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks Claire. Can’t wait to speak to you again next week! Keep up the great work. Driving long distances is not putting me in a tizzy anymore. I feel like someone else now. Somebody brand new. A person who doesn’t feel the same anxiousness I once did. The pain in my head, neck and shoulders seems to have evaporated. Honestly, if you had told me six months ago I’d feel this happy compared to how I’ve been feeling the last seven years ... I would not have believed you. BWRT works. Give it a try. Do it with an open mind and let Claire guide you. You will be so pleased you took the steps to change your life. I’m already thinking about new hobbies and how I can be even happier. You only get one life to live and I feel like I’ve been in a haze for the past ten years. I feel like I’ve broken free. Thank you Claire."


Social Anxiety

"I've noticed a huge difference in my social anxiety. I went to an aquafit class yesterday on my own. Normally I'd feel very self-conscious and anxious with thoughts about how people perceived me, if I was doing the exercise right, and so on, but I had none of that! I was only thinking when is the class going to start I'm bored. This is the same with friend situations and appointments! I'm so thankful for all the help you've given me." Rosie H

General Anxiety

"The session structure and aims were clearly explained by Claire, and as the client I felt very involved and informed. I'd highly recommend BWRT for those who'd like to address any issues, phobias or behaviours that are interfering with, or holding you back, from living life in a more stress-free way." M

Boundaries & Assertiveness

"I went to Claire with what I felt was a minor issue, having problems communicating with some difficult people at work. A few days after our 1.5 hour session I was a different person! My conversations are more constructive, and I’m being heard both at home and at work. The emotional stresses that overwhelmed me and stopped me from speaking my mind have disappeared and I feel calm, confident and in control, my new mantra for life! I’m standing taller, smiling and laughing at situations that previously stressed me and feel much more like the positive and carefree person of my twenties. I can’t thank you enough Claire and have already recommended you to friends who have commented on the difference in me! Life is flowing again and I feel like I’m back in the driving seat!" M.R.x

Relationship Boundaries

"I came to see Claire as I needed help with my response to the unexpected end of a 28 year old relationship with the father of my children. I had to adapt objectively to the changes because the contact still needed to be maintained. I was struggling deeply with grief, loss and acceptance and the distressing emotions triggered and exacerbated by the ongoing communication. I was stuck in the same old patterns and responses. The right thing is not always the easiest, though my reactions were unwanted. After my first session I was astonished by the immediate results of the BWRT looping process. I rated my worse emotional connection associated to the memory a ten. After the session my emotions and feelings to it had completely changed, I wasn’t connected or couldn’t feel the emotion anymore and I rated it zero. I was shocked, it was as if it had been totally erased from my memory. I also found myself referring to my preferred response some weeks later whilst talking to a friend. My situation is multi-faceted and I will continue to work with Claire due to the effectiveness of BWRT. I found that BWRT has helped me to move forward giving me more control and freedom in my decisions to make positive life choices. Claire has a powerful way of presenting this therapy and its effectiveness. Thank you so much I am grateful that you have helped me understand my response to stimulus….." Anonymous

Anger Issues

"I literarily can not believe the open feeling in my chest!! It's making me feel so giddy and lightheaded, in a good way though. So powerful, I'm really quite shocked I have to say!! The effect on me was really profound and I still can't believe I can breath in so deeply without that blockage being there" T.

Confidence Issue & Spider Phobia

"Hi Claire, I wanted to drop you a line to say how great I feel your treatments BWRT has been. My first session was re a phobia with spiders and since then I feel much calmer & believe my phobia has gone. I used to have nightmares about them & have had none since. I have also been able to remove two (spiders) without freaking out. My other sessions were for confidence building for some personal issues, & I certainly feel better now. I feel more positive, happier and ready to embrace new situations, that previously I would have avoided, or felt insecure. I have noticed a huge difference in my outlook, happiness & wellbeing. Of course we all have negative thoughts but these too are occasional rather than a normality (in the areas of concern). Thanks so much Claire, you are also kind & understanding & I look forward to our next session." Sonia

Life-long needle phobia

"I met with Claire to address a long-seeded phobia of needles and wasn’t too sure what to expect. Claire spent the first half of our session thoroughly explaining how the procedure works and provided plenty of visual materials to help illustrate the lesson. She did a great job of making sure I was comfortable and she was super knowledgeable (and passionate) about BWRT. We went through the exercise and I came out on the other end feeling great! Fast forward two weeks and I had my second dose of the vaccine with no nerves leading up to or during the procedure! I was genuinely shocked and unbelievably relieved to be able to assess myself and my emotions only to find that the physical effects that I’d normally have (elevated heart rate, shakiness, flushed face) were totally gone. The procedure worked amazingly. Thanks to Claire, I’m finally scheduling some blood work that I had put off for years due to my fear of needles/hospitals. I highly recommend having Claire work her brain magic on you if you’re struggling with phobias, trauma, or triggers!"

Jenna Sergeant

Life-long needle phobia resolved in one session - with Jenna