BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

Where Psychotherapy meets Neuroscience

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is an advanced and innovative neuropsychotherapy that works with the part of the brain before responses are created.

Neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to adapt and change, creating new neural pathways as a result of psychological experiences.

BWRT enables your brain to create new pathways, replacing unwanted reactions with new positive responses. It works by disrupting & recreating the brain's reaction to triggering situations.

Life-long problems as well as more recent issues can be resolved quickly and effectively. Great for resolving phobias, trauma, and ingrained unhelpful or inappropriate responses to situations.

BWRT can be ‘content free’ enabling clients to keep their private thoughts exactly that...private. You simply need to know your worst memory and how you would prefer to respond. You do not have to give any details if you do not want to as the therapy works just as effectively either way.

A short video on BWRT

Terence Watts, the creator of BWRT explains how it works.

So how does BWRT work?

The Cognitive Gap

Scientific studies have shown that there is a ‘cognitive gap’ of 1/3 of a second between our ‘subconscious’ cerebellum being stimulated and our conscious rational brain (neocortex) responding. It is in this ‘cognitive gap’ that BWRT takes place.

The Special Response

Through creating a special response and employing the BWRT recursive looping technique, together we will extinguish the old unhelpful neural response pattern so that old outdated programming simply stops firing. We will then insert your new preferred response.

Any time in the future you encounter an old ‘trigger’, instead of your body automatically responding the old way, it will now use the new neural response pattern - your preferred response.

This means that you are no longer sabotaged by unhelpful responses through your cerebellum. Your conscious rational mind can now decide how you want to react.

You are now in control of your reactions.